Guild Esports recreates the Olofboost in Ascent, gets disqualified from VALORANT First Strike Qualifier

Guild Esports reportedly got disqualified from their initial run towards First Strike’s main event.   

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In a (BO1) match against G2 Esports yesterday, David Beckham’s Guild Esports defeated them with a 13-10 scoreline. This shocking victory against the European VALORANT powerhouse gave Guild Esports an edge over the qualification bracket. However, a controversial boost forced Guild Esports to forfeit their hard-fought victory. 

People are already addressing the boost as VALORANT’s Olofboost. During their (BO1) game in Ascent, Filip ‘Goffe’ Gauffin utilized Sage’s wall to boost himself to an elevated position in B main area. However, during the boost’s execution, Goffe appeared to set up a Killjoy Turret right before Leo ‘Ziz’ Janneson could place the Sage wall over it. This coordinated move from Goffe and Leo made the boost controversial.

Video Credit: Gwegwy

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Nevertheless, Guild Esports is not entirely out of options. In the coming weeks, Guild’s roster will participate in two separate First Strike Qualifier events. Despite the controversy around the boost, Guild Esport’s performance in Ascent demonstrated their worth in the European VALORANT scene.

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