Guidelines for new players preparing for Valorant

A guideline for all new players in the tactical shooter genre

Riots new tactical FPS Valorant has people really hyped. For those new players who want to be good at the game from day one, these guidelines might help you.

Special mention goes to acey901234 for making the guide for players with different skill levels. Since this game will share more similarities with CSGO than one might think, it is a good idea to hone your skills in CSGO to be really good at Valorant from day one.

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If you have never played CSGO before, you should use the following resources to help understand fundamental mechanics, Valorant seems to be extremely similar in mechanics. Try to watch as much War Owl as you can when you are learning, and when you think you have a decent grasp on the movement and other mechanics of CSGO you should move on to other resources.


War Owl has been a pillar in the CS community, and you will see people meme him because he makes content designed for brand new players, but the odds are most people you meet in CSGO probably learned how to play from his videos. Check out his videos on Crosshair placement, movement, spray control, etc.


He has a series in a playlist titled “CS:GO Noob to Pro” and I would recommend watching all of them to understand the game.



Voo has some very good content aimed at players who have basic mechanics down (Controls, how to move, etc.) and explains in more detail why you should do some things, and explains some mechanics that a brand new player might struggle with, but a player who has been playing longer might start to grasp.

There are no better intermediate-level content creators than Voo because most channels aim to hit beginners, or players playing at a competitive level and with a team.


This section is for players with a bit more in-depth knowledge about CSGO. So, players with 1000+ hours of experience will benefit the most from these tutorials.

Steel/Josh Nissan:

Notorious CSGO player, banned from Valve sanctioned events for throwing a match in 2015 with his team iBP(iBUYPOWER), but was unbanned in recent years from ESL events, Dreamhack, ECS, etc. Still playing competitively, and made some absolute bangers for people looking to start playing in a team and up their game. Here is a compilation of videos that would recommend every CSGO player above DMG watch.


Roles in CSGO:

Grenade management:


IGL for MIBR, SK, Luminosity. Legendary IGL and AWPer, and father of Brazilian Counterstrike that will forever be a historic figure in the CSGO community. The video is quite long, but worth it if you want to start a team.


Elmapuddy is also a good recommendation for anyone who is really serious about CSGO.

Absolute brainiac analyst and current coach of Gen.G. Makes consistent bangers, every single video this guy has made is top tier, and highly informative. there is still no better informative video out there right now, but if you want to seriously improve in your team, watch his channel.


There are a couple of pros who have made videos on specific subjects that are also very important but they don’t belong in any one category. Here is some example of them:

Automatic spray control:


Stewie2k(Various map specific):

This is a very comprehensive list of resources for learning and improving in CSGO at all levels. Any players playing CSGO in preparation for Valorant will definitely find this helpful.

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