GTA V RP Streamer Viviana Banned from NoPixel Following Racial Remarks Towards Viewer

GTA V RP streamer Viviana was recently permanently banned from the NoPixel server following racist comments towards one of her viewers.

Viviana is a popular GTA V RP streamer on Twitch. Her Twitch channel has more than 120k followers. She usually streams her GTA V RP adventures on the most popular NoPixel server. According to, 96.3% of her stream time is spent on GTA V Role Play. She has been doing GTA RP streams for the last three years, which earned her a considerable following on Twitch.

Recently Viviana was accused of making racist remarks against one of her Twitch viewers. The whole debacle started when the viewer said that Viviana moaned at the end of every word. She then started to make racial remarks assuming the viewer was white and later got permanently banned from NoPixel.

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Viviana Banned from NoPixel:

In the clip, we can hear Viviana saying,

“You’re white, you’re caucasian, you never will have any f**king personality. At least I have personality, at least I will be something. Ayo, ayo what? Ayo what? You will never have no type of personality, you will never have nothing.

Your name is literally f**king James. That is the most like, pasty f**king name I have heard in my whole entire life.

Don’t f**king come for me b*tch. No personality, no culture, no hairline”.

Viviana was later criticized for her behavior. Shortly after, she was permanently banned from NoPixel. It was confirmed that she deleted many of her Tweets, clips, and archived videos. She also Tweeted out saying, “reverse racism doesn’t exist,” which she later deleted.

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