GTA 6 High-Quality Map Image Supposedly Leaked Containing 3 Islands

A Recent high-quality image leak on Reddit suggests that the GTA 6 map might have three islands and one of them might be Vice City.

This GTA 6 map was apparently leaked back in 2018 on 4chan. In the leak, we saw the supposed GTA 6 map containing 3 islands, and one of them was similar to the Vice City map. Many people on the internet at the time thought that the leak was fake.

Below is the original leak post that was made back in 2018.

GTA 6 old map leak
Credit: 9teen8e5 twitter
Map Leak 2
Credit: 9teen8e5 twitter

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But recently a new leak has surfaced with much higher detail. These islands are not similar to any satellite imagery which makes it seem legit.

According to the Reddit user who posted the leak, RDR2’s map was also leaked back in 2016 and ignored by all. Reddit user WaitingForGTA6 said in his Reddit post, “This isn’t the first major Rockstar map leak either. RDR2s map was leaked in 2016, also ignored at the time.”

Latest Images of Maps:

The latest map leaks show a higher detail of one of the islands that we saw back in 2018. Apparently one of these maps will be similar to the Vice City map. Below is the latest higher detail map image compared to the old one.

Comparison between old VS new map Credit: WaitingForGTA6

As with any other leak take this with a massive grain of salt. Even if this leak is not true still we got something of a leak in the last two years.

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