Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina Guide – Best Skills & Weapons

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Cygames

Katalina can be used as both a support or damage dealer. Here is how you can build her in Granblude Fantasy: Relink.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a JRPG with a rich story. In this game get to play different characters that are in your party. Some of them are unlocked just by doing the main quests. However, most of them you have to unlock by completing various side quests and unlocking the crewmate card. Then, the card can be used to recruit characters to your party.

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Katalina is one of the characters who wields a saber and has some flashy moves on the battlefield. While she is not the very best of what the characters have to offer in terms of gameplay, she is a very versatile character. Katalina can be built for either damage or support. So you have many options when you are building her in the game.

Katalina Damage Build

In this build, we will focus on her raw damage. So, we will be using all the skills and weapons that are best at dealing damage and crit damage. Here is the build to use:

SigilsAttack Power: Increases the overall attack power of the character.
Quick Cooldown: Reduces skill cooldown, thus allowing you to use skills more frequently.
Quick Charge: Speeds up the charge time of Schlacht.
Critical Hit Rate: Boosts the chance of landing critical hits.
SkillsAzure Sword
Winter’s Rain
Light Wall
Blue Radiance
Vow by the Sword

With this build, you need to play her for maximum damage output. That means keeping Ares on the field for as long as possible. She will deal good damage with all the damage and critical rate boosting sigils we are using in this build. As for the playstyle, you will have to keep using chain skills and execute combo finishers to fill up the gauge and summon Ares. That way, you will get the maximum damage out of her.

Credit: CYgames

Katalina Support Build

This build is purely for tanking but Katalina can also provide some healing in this build. Here is the build to use:

SigilsAegis: Increases the health of the character.
Quick Cooldown: Reduces skill cooldown, thus allowing you to use skills more frequently.
Stun Power: Increases the stun power of the character.
Drain: Recovers HP based on the damage dealt.
Stamina: Increases attack based on the maximum HP.
SkillsEmerald Shield
Winter’s Rain
Light Wall
– Heal

Rukalsa even though the starting weapon, increases health more than any other weapon. So we will be using that. The build focuses on refreshing the cooldown to apply as much defense and healing as possible. But that doesn’t mean she cannot attack, either. We have winter’s rain and stamina sigil to boost her attack too. But the attack will not be as much as her damage build counterpart.

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