Gotta Go Fast in Fall Guys With the New Sonic Skin

A New Sonic The Hedgehog Skin has arrived in the featured skin tab in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys season 2 has recently been released with 4 new medieval-themed levels. While some players are enjoying the new season’s chaotic levels others are in it for the customization options available in the game.

From the release of Fall Guys, we saw a lot of collaboration skins that were featured in the Fall Guys item shop. Players who pre-purchased the game on Steam got the Gordon Freeman skin when the game launched. We also saw the Scout skin from Team Fortress 2 in Fall Guys. The Banana from My friend Pedro was also recently in the item shop. P-Body and Chell skins from the Portal games were also among the featured skins in Fall Guys.

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Gordon Freeman skin in fall guys
Gordon Freeman Headcrab variant skin in Fall Guys Credit: mediatonic

Recently we got another collaboration skin in Fall Guys. This time we have the famous speedster Sonic The Hedgehog in Fall Guys.

If you get into Fall Guys right now you can see a Sonic The Hedgehog skin in the featured section of the item shop. You have to spend a total of 10 crowns for his full skin set. His head and Lower body both cost 5 crowns each. Although this might not be affordable for many casual players as getting 10 crowns is not so easy.

Sonic is a character that is known for moving very fast and it is very funny to see his stumble in Fall Guys like a clumsy drunk person. All of us are used to seeing Sonic move at high speeds and honestly, this brings great joy every time I see a Sonic skin stumble in Fall Guys.

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