Google Stadia released in a not so pretty state

Google Stadia launched in 19th of November. Its safe to say it didn’t go too well. The unfathomable input delay on some reported systems and lack of exclusive launch titles are really hurting its chances of making it a compelling purchase.

google stadia price
google stadia price

It will cost you $9.99 per month for the subscription service. It will grant you access to 4K 60 FPS. After that you will need to pay full price for any games that you want to play in the system. So, if you add that it takes the fun out of the system. Google is hoping for 1st adopters to make this product successful. At the moment that is not a good sin for the platform. Most of the reviews of the system is not very positive. While almost all of them agreed that this is the future. But the future is not here right now.


The Verge

Google Stadia could become the be-all, end-all game-streaming platform


Google Stadia review: a terrible but tantalising glimpse of the future

The Wired

Most of the reviews complained about the input delays and lack luster launch titles. On the other hand, every one agreed that it was a glimpse into the future. While user’s are complaining about the lag. Google is hard at work to solve this issues. Internet speed will be the biggest hurdle in its road map. Not everyone has a reliable internet connection. After solving those issues Google Stadia can actually be worth a look hoping that they can improve their launch titles. Other game streaming services like Microsoft’s Xcloud. It will include a huge library of games for the subscription price. Other services are also likely to launch very soon. Google should move fast with its platform if they wan to succeed.


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