Google Stadia announced new games for February after a long hiatus

New games announced for the platform

Google Stadia is in a bit of a not so favorable position right now. Recently Stadia announced two new games for their February’s line up of games. Many think that Stadia is still not doing enough.

Stadia recently announced Metro Exodus and Gylt which will be a timed exclusive for the platform. Gylt is one of the few games that will exclusive for a limited time. Both will arrive on February 1st,2020.

a haunting single player puzzle adventure game where you must help Sally navigate a surprising world in the search for her missing cousin Emily. Developed by Tequila Works exclusively for Stadia.


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Stadia owners will get the Gold edition of Metro Exodus. Even together many people think that there just aren’t enough games on the platform let long any system sellers. Since all the other major platforms are also joining in on the game streaming platform it will only get more difficult for Google in the future.

Xbox with their xCloud and Xbox games pass are dominating the competition right now with their value composition. For so little money you can buy a year worth of Xbox game pass service which will let you have access to a huge library of Third-party and platform exclusive games.

Google still has an advantage as they are already at market First while xCloud is still not ready for the market. Google needs to amp up its exclusive games before other services that are backed by major platforms release their own game streaming service.

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Stadia is still facing a lot of tough challenges. Most people in many parts of the world do not have access to a good internet connection. It is making it difficult for them to deliver on the promise of Stadia.


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