God of War’s Kratos might be coming to Fortnite Soon

It seems like Kratos from the God of War franchise is coming to Fortnite as a skin and it might be pretty soon.

Fortnite Zero Point season has recently just started with all new shiny battle pass skins. After the Galactus event, the zero point became exposed and now players must find the best hunters in all of reality to stop anyone from escaping the zero point. That is the premise of this season as far as I understand.

In this season we already have a major collaboration skin in the battle pass and that is the Mandalorian skin accompanied by the Baby Yoda back bling. This is a big collaboration itself but not 2 days after the season starts, we get news of Kratos from the God of War franchise coming to Fortnite as a skin soon.

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Kratos Skin Coming Soon:

HYPEX who is a renounced leaker in the Fortnite community recently shared a picture of the Kratos skin and said, “Kratos will be a skin soon!”. We did not get any release date for the Katos skins yet so we don’t know when soon is.

But it might be sooner than people think as the official PlayStation Twitter account shared an audio transmission from Fortnite. In the audio log, we can hear the voice of Jonesy who is in charge of recruiting the best hunters from all reality. He says, “The next guy you are picking up has literally vanquished multiple gods with his bare hands in a fit of uncontrollable rage.”

This description matches that of Kratos perfectly and also proves that the skin might be right around the corner as the official PlayStation account itself is teasing it.

We have no information if the Kratos skin will be a PS4/PS5 exclusive skin or maybe perhaps the secret battle pass skin of Fortnite Season 5. Whatever the case, the addition of Kratos to Fortnite will undoubtedly be amazing but we will have to wait until we hear an official announcement.

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