God of War Ragnarok: Best Leviathan Axe Skills to Unlock First

Here are the best skills you can unlock first for Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War offers different weapons and customizations for each of them. Along with attachments, they also provide skills that can help you become more powerful in the game. One of the trademark weapons for Kratos in the game now is the Leviathan Axe that was given to him by his late wife, Faye.

This weapon has not only helped the game become a whole new phenomenon in the gaming industry but is one the most potent weapons you can use. Moreover, if you are wondering what skills are available for Leviathan Axe and which ones you should get first, don’t worry. We have your back; below, we have made a complete guide on all the skills you should unlock first for Leviathan Axe in God of war Ragnarok.

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Skills To Unlock First for Leviathan Axe

Leviathan Axe has around three different skill Trees you can unlock skills from. To unlock these skills, players will have to earn XP points as they fight through monsters inside the game. The three skill trees are Technique, Ranged, and Melee. You can unlock 11 Technique, 7 Ranged, and 10 Melee skills. Moreover, among these 28 skills, you can check out the ones you should open first.

Vengeful Sickle I

If you are looking to attack from a distance at your enemies, Vengeful Sickle 1 is the best ability you can find at the start of the game. You will find this ability in the ranged skill tree, costing you around 500 XP points to unlock.

To use it, you will need to aim at an enemy using R1 and hold it to charge it up and send it flying to your enemies. The Axe will spin multiple times and hit the enemy couple of times. You can use this ability to cut down the health bars of large enemies easily.

Extinguish Flames

Apart from physical attacks, some skills offer passive abilities like Extinguish Flames. In the game, you can do elemental damage, such as a burn or stun, and freeze the enemy. Using Extinguish Flames, each time you hit an enemy which is already burning will be a critical strike.

This ability can be beneficial if you manage to use it well, stacking elemental damage. The cost of this skill is only 250 XP points inside the Technique Skill Tree of the Leviathan Axe.

Levithan Axe Skills to unlock first
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Serpent’s Snare

Next up on our list is Serpent Snake which is an ability that can help you do a lot of damage at once. To get this ability, first will need to get Leviathan Axe to level 2 and then unlock it in the Melee skill tree using 1000 XP points.

To use it, hold on to R2, charge up your Leviathan Axe, and then let it go. The enemy will go up in the air and get hammered with lots of damage. If the enemy is already low on health, it will create an explosion and damage nearby enemies. This is a beneficial ability to use, especially against enemies with a lot of health, and you are looking to do a lot of damage at once.

Glacial Rake

The last ability, among all others, is the Glacial rake which you can unlock during the early phase of the game. You can unlock this ability during Level 1 of Leviathan Axe from the Melee Skill tree for 750 XP Points.

Glacial Rake will let you throw ice shards at your enemies, making them vulnerable to the next attack. Moreover, if you perform this attack on enemies that are already burning, this will cause more additional elemental damage. This ability can be beneficial against large enemies or mini-bosses. You can stack up a lot of damage in one go.

This time, God of War Ragnarok has tried to give its players more freedom to play with. The Dev has tried to give its players more weapons so that they can choose the weapon they like. Moreover, if you can be confused about which weapon you should use, You can check out our article on God Of War Ragnarok: Best Weapons.

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