Ghost of Tsushima sequel seemingly in the works

A Sucker Punch job listing hints at a Ghost of Tsushima sequel being under development.

It has not been a year properly since Ghost of Tsushima released. Yet, word came out that the critically acclaimed samurai title is getting a sequel. Probably. After all, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best games of this year and of the PS4 console.

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Blending beautiful visuals with fluid combat and a great story. Ghost of Tsushima excels almost in all fields. Hence, a sequel is desired by all PlayStation owners.

The position for Narrative Writer states that the applicants will receive preference if they are knowledgeable on  “traditional Japanese culture and aesthetic.” Moreover, a requirement of the listing states “desire to write stories set in feudal Japan”, and experience on character-driven, AAA open-world game. Hence, it is quite clear that this listing refers to recruitment for a Ghost of Tsushima sequel or a similar title in the universe.

Ghost of Tsushima has recently gotten a multiplayer PVP expansion; Legends. No future updates are known as of yet. Therefore, it means there’s actually a slight chance for Sucker Punch to work on a new project.

Although all the listings point to a new entry to the samurai adventure. We will hear probably hear about it after a long while, well into the next-gen. Moreover, it has not yet been a year since this amazing title came out. Hence, the original game is yet very relevant and is too fresh to announce a new title.

Additionally, Ghost of Tsushima will playable on PS5 in 60fps.

Till then, we can expect the game to win Game of the Year for the brilliant experience it provides.

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