Ghost of Tsushima developers to be ambassadors for real-life island

2 of Ghost of Tsushima developers will be made tourism ambassadors of the real-life island of Tsushima

The mayor of the city of Tsushima, Nagasaki has announced that Nate Fox and Jason Connel from Sucker Punch will be made honorary tourism ambassadors for the island. Furthermore, this is a part of a new initiative to attract more visitors to their humble island.

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Moreover, the mayor also stated that the game represented the history and culture of the island in an accurate way. Additionally, thanking the team to take the island on an international stage. With beautiful graphics and story-telling.

Due to the Covid pandemic, the director’s inauguration will be temporarily held online. When everything is opened up, an official program will take place, to honor them.

Ghost of Tsushima’s immense success already caught people’s interest in Japanese history. Hence, making the Ghost of Tsushima developers: creative director and game director tourism ambassadors of the island will be a huge success.

Tsushima island shrine from Ghost of Tsushima

In fact, Ghost of Tsushima players raised $260,000 for the restoration of the Tsushima island shrine. The shrine suffered devastating damages during a storm.

In conclusion, the Tsushima island putting its newfound popularity from Sucker Punch’s hit game to good use. Likewise, gamers are discovering new places to discover and learn on our wonderful planet. Places that are not too popular on the international stage. This is what video games are all about.

On the other hand, after selling over 5 million copies of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch is working on new projects. Additionally, job listings suggest that the studio is working on a Ghost of Tsushima sequel. Or it might just be another separate game based on Japanese history.

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