Genshin Impact: Yoimiya Build Guide

Here is the best build guide for Yoimiya, one of the best Pyro DPS characters in Genshin Impact.

Naganohara Yoimiya is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. She is the daughter of Naganohara Ryuunosuke and the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks. With her colorful fireworks and outgoing personality, Yoimiya is loved by everyone on Narukami Island, as they believe summer is not the same without her.

Yoimiya is a 5-star Pyro bow character from Inazuma. She was one of the first characters from Inazuma introduced alongside Kamisato Ayaka. For version 2.8 update, Yoimiya is having her first rerun banner, and fans are delighted to get her. Yoimiya can be obtained from the Character Event banner ‘Tapestry of Golden Flames.’

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Here is a comprehensive build guide for Yoimiya, one of the best 5-star Pyro characters in Genshin Impact.

Yoimiya Build Guide


Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up

Normal attack: Performs up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.

Charged attack:

Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG.
While aiming, flames will accumulate on the arrowhead before being fired off as an attack. Has different effects based on how long the energy has been charged:

  • Charge Level 1: Fires off a flaming arrow that deals Pyro DMG.
  • Charge Level 2: Generates a maximum of 3 Kindling Arrows based on time spent charging, releasing them as part of this Aimed Shot. Kindling Arrows will home in on nearby opponents, dealing Pyro DMG on hit.

Plunging attack: Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Niwabi Fire-Dance

Yoimiya waves a sparkler and causes a ring of saltpeter to surround her.

Niwabi Enshou
During this time, arrows fired by Yoimiya’s Normal Attack will be Blazing Arrows, and their DMG will be increased and converted to Pyro DMG.
During this time, Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up will not generate Kindling Arrows at Charge Level 2.

This effect will deactivate when Yoimiya leaves the field.

Elemental Burst: Ryuukin Saxifrage

Yoimiya leaps into the air along with her original creation, the “Ryuukin Saxifrage,” and fires forth blazing rockets bursting with surprises that deal AoE Pyro DMG and mark one of the hit opponents with Aurous Blaze.

Aurous Blaze
All Normal/Charged/Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts by any party member other than Yoimiya that hit an opponent marked by Aurous Blaze will trigger an explosion, dealing AoE Pyro DMG.
When an opponent affected by Aurous Blaze is defeated before its duration expires, the effect will pass on to another nearby opponent, who will inherit the remaining duration.

One Aurous Blaze explosion can be triggered every 2s. When Yoimiya is down, Aurous Blaze effects created through her skills will be deactivated.

Passive Talents

Tricks of the Trouble-Maker

During Niwabi Fire-Dance, shots from Yoimiya’s Normal Attack will increase her Pyro DMG Bonus by 2% on hit. This effect lasts for 3s and can have a maximum of 10 stacks.

Summer Night’s Dawn

Using Ryuukin Saxifrage causes nearby party members (not including Yoimiya) to gain a 10% ATK increase for 15s. Additionally, a further ATK Bonus will be added on based on the number of “Tricks of the Trouble-Maker” stacks Yoimiya possesses when using Ryuukin Saxifrage. Each stack increases this ATK Bonus by 1%.

Blazing Match

When Yoimiya crafts DecorationOrnament, and Landscape-type Furnishings, she has a 100% chance to refund a portion of the materials used.

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Yoimiya Constellations

Agate Ryuukin
(Unlocked at C1)
The Aurous Blaze created by Ryuukin Saxifrage lasts for an extra 4s.

Additionally, when an opponent affected by Aurous Blaze is defeated within its duration, Yoimiya’s ATK is increased by 20% for 20s.
A Procession of Bonfires
(Unlocked at C2)
When Yoimiya’s Pyro DMG scores a CRIT Hit, Yoimiya will gain a 25% Pyro DMG Bonus for 6s.
This effect can be triggered even when Yoimiya is not the active character.
Trickster’s Flare
(Unlocked at C3)
Increase the Level of Niwabi Fire-Dance by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Pyrotechnic Professional
(Unlocked at C4)
When Yoimiya’s own Aurous Blaze triggers an explosion, Niwabi Fire-Dance‘s CD is decreased by 1.2.
A Summer Festival’s Eve
(Unlocked at C5)
Increases the Level of Ryuukin Saxifrage by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Naganohara Meteor Swarm
(Unlocked at C6)
During Niwabi Fire-Dance, Yoimiya’s Normal Attacks have a 50% chance of firing an extra Blazing Arrow that deals 60% of its original DMG. This DMG is considered Normal Attack DMG.
Yoimiya Constellations

Yoimiya Artifact Set Guide

Yoimiya can only be played as a Pyro DPS, so these are the best artifact sets for a main DPS Yoimiya build.

  • Crimson Witch of Flames
    2-piece set: Pyro DMG Bonus +15%
    4-piece set: Increases Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases the 2-Piece Set Bonus by 50% of its starting value for 10s. Max 3 stacks.
  • Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
    2-piece set: ATK +18%.
    4-piece set: When casting an Elemental Skill, if the character has 15 or more Energy, they lose 15 Energy and Normal/Charged/Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 50% for 10s. This effect will not trigger again during that duration.

Yoimiya Builds

Standard Build
4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames or 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
Flower, Feather, ATK%, Pyro DMG Bonus%, CRIT Rate or DMG%

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Best Weapons for Yoimiya

Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse. Credit: HoYoverse
Thundering Pulse. Credit: HoYoverse

Base Attack: 46, at Level 90: 608
CRIT DMG: 14.44%, at Level 90: 66.2%

Increases ATK by 20% and grants the might of the Thunder Emblem. At stack levels 1/2/3, the Thunder Emblem increases Normal Attack DMG by 12/24/40%. The character will obtain 1 stack of Thunder Emblem in each of the following scenarios: Normal Attack deals DMG (stack lasts 5s), casting Elemental Skill (stack lasts 10s); Energy is less than 100% (stack disappears when Energy is full). Each stack’s duration is calculated independently.

Skyward Harp

Skyward Harp. Credit: HoYoverse
Skyward Harp. Credit: HoYoverse

Base Attack: 48, at Level 90: 674
CRIT Rate: 4.8%, at Level 90: 22.1%

Increases CRIT DMG by 20%. Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 4s.

Polar Star

Polar Star. Credit: HoYoverse
Polar Star. Credit: HoYoverse

Base Attack: 46, at Level 90: 608
CRIT Rate: 7.2%, at Level 90: 33.1%

Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG increased by 12%. After a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits an opponent, 1 stack of Ashen Nightstar will be gained for 12s. When 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Nightstar are present, ATK is increased by 10/20/30/48%. The stack of Ashen Nightstar created by the Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst will be counted independently of the others.

The Stringless

The Stringless. Credit: HoYoverse
The Stringless. Credit: HoYoverse

Base Attack: 42, at Level 90: 510
2nd Stat
Elemental Mastery: 36, at Level 90: 165

Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 24%.


Rust. Credit: HoYoverse
Rust. Credit: HoYoverse

Base Attack: 42, at Level 90: 510
ATK: 9%, at Level 90: 41.3%

Increases Normal Attack DMG by 40% but decreases Charged Attack DMG by 10%.


Hamayumi. Credit: HoYoverse
Hamayumi. Credit: HoYoverse

Base Attack: 42, at Level 90: 454
2nd Stat
ATK: 12.0%, at Level 90: 55.1%

Increases Normal Attack DMG by 16% and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. When the equipping character’s Energy reaches 100%, this effect is increased by 100%.


Yoimiya has several good weapons in the game, including some great free-to-play 4-star weapons. The 5-star bow, Thundering Pulse is Yoimiya’s best in slot weapon, which can be obtained from the weapon banner. Besides Thundering Pulse, Polar Star and Skyward Harp are two other 5-star weapons that are really good weapons for Yoimiya because you can get decent CRIT Rate stats from them. The Stringless is the best 4-star weapon for Yoimiya because it will increase Elemental Skill damage for Yoimiya. Meanwhile, Rust is mostly considered the best 4-star option for Yoimiya. Her only free-to-play option is Hamayumi which can be crafted if you can collect the weapon blueprint from Inazuma.

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Yoimiya is a Pyro DPS with a lot of damage potential thanks to her strong talents. She is classified as a Pyro carry because she can mostly dish out decent Pyro damage on her own, and with great elemental reactions, the damage will significantly increase. But, playing with Yoimiya is tricky because she can only target a single enemy while she is on the field.

For a standard Pyro DPS build, 4-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence set is the best for Yoimiya, or the 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames is also a solid set for her.

Since Yoimiya is a Pyro hyper carry, she must be on the field for the majority of the time, dealing significant damage with her elemental skill. Yoimiya’s normal and charged shots might deal decent damage, but the charged shot takes too much time.

Yoimiya’s elemental skill Niwabi Fire-Dance, she will wave a sparkler, and a ring of saltpeter will surround her. After casting her skill, Yoimiya’s normal attacks will turn into Pyro bow shots, which will damage and increase over time. This is the only skill Yoimiya can use to damage enemies.

Yoimiya’s elemental burst, Ryuukin Saxifrage, will make Yoimiya leap into the air and fire forth blazing rockets bursting with surprises that deal AoE Pyro DMG and mark one of the hit opponents with Aurous Blaze. While the opponents are marked, if any other party member hits the opponent, it will cause explosions. This is more of a support skill of Yoimiya, which will significantly benefit other party members.

Yoimiya can only be played as an on-field DPS, and she can deal raw Pyro damage, or she can shine in vaporize or melt team comps. Yoimiya can pair up with Xingqiu, Yelan, Kamisato Ayato, or Chongyun for the best elemental damage output, and Bennett or Yunjin can buff Yoimiya’s attack a lot.

Best Team Comps for Yoimiya

Here are the most popular teams for Yoimiya.

  1. Yoimiya, Fischl, Beidou, Bennett
  2. Yoimiya, Yelan, Bennett, Zhongli
  3. Yoimiya, Yunjin, Bennett, Kazuha

Yoimiya Ascension Materials

Lv.20→Lv.40Naku Weed ×3
Agnidus Agate Sliver ×1
Divining Scroll ×3
Mora x20,000
Lv.40→Lv.50Naku Weed ×10
Agnidus Agate Fragment ×3
Divining Scroll ×15
Smoldering Pearl ×2
Mora x40,000
Lv.50→Lv.60Naku Weed ×20
Agnidus Agate Fragment ×6
Sealed Scroll ×12
Smoldering Pearl ×4
Mora x60,000
Lv.60→Lv.70Naku Weed ×30
Agnidus Agate Chunk ×3
Sealed Scroll ×18
Smoldering Pearl ×8
Mora x80,000
Lv.70→Lv.80Naku Weed ×45
Agnidus Agate Chunk ×6
Forbidden Curse Scroll ×12
Smoldering Pearl ×12
Mora x100,000
Lv.80→Lv.90Naku Weed ×60
Agnidus Agate Gemstone ×6
Forbidden Curse Scroll ×24
Smoldering Pearl ×20
Mora x120,000
Yoimiya Ascension Materials

Talent Upgrade Materials for Yoimiya

These are the total number of materials required to level up the talents of Yoimiya. Please multiply these materials by 3 because Yoimiya has three types of upgradeable talents.

3Teachings of Transience
21Guide to Transience
38Philosophies of Transience
6Divining Scroll
22Sealed Scroll
31Forbidden Curse Scroll
6Dragon Lord’s Crown
1Crown of Insight
Talent Materials for Yoimiya

That’s it for the new Yoimiya build guide in Genshin Impact. Keep an eye on GameRiv for more build guides and future Genshin Impact content.

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