Genshin Impact Relocates Annoying Advertisement Board Beside Inazuma Hub Crafting Bench

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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Credit: CatWithBlueHat on Reddit

Ever since Genshin Impact’s 2.0 Update dropped, players have been repeatedly distressed by the poorly placed Advertisement Board in Inazuma Hub as it would interfere with their Alchemy.

Crafting Benches in Genshin Impact is used to perform Alchemy, whereby players can upgrade their characters, weapons, and craft gadgets. Moreover, it is also used to create higher rarety Ascension materials. Ever since the Genshin 2.0 update dropped, players’ accessibility to Inazuma Hub’s Crafting Bench was being obstructed.

The interaction option for both the advertisement board of an in-game shop and the crafting bench would appear at the same time. As a result, even though the players were trying to interact with the crafting bench, the dialogue box for the advertisement would pop up instead.


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The subtle yet helpful change was noticed by Reddit user CatWithBlueHat, who notified the players immediately. In this latest update, the advertisement board has been relocated a bit farther away from the Inazuma Hub crafting bench.


Alchemy in Genshin Impact is also used to create Potions. These potions can give players resistance to various elemental attacks. Moreover, the Crafting Bench also allows players to convert gems or fragments of elemental materials to a different material using Dust of Azoth. Furthermore, character level-up materials can also be converted in the Crafting Bench using Dream Solvent.

Although miHoYo was able to solve this issue with a minor update, the same problem still exists in various parts of the map. For example, the Mondstadt crafting bench is obstructed by an NPC named Timaeus. Moreover, several interactable objects are kept in close proximity in various crowded places throughout Tevyat. We hope that miHoYo gradually fixes all of them.

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