Genshin Impact: New Leak Reveals Abyss Herald Enemy and Future Questline Info

Genshin Impact’s Latest leaks have revealed a new type of enemy called Abyss Herald and also some future questline info related to Khaenri’ah, the abyss, Dainsleif, and the traveler’s missing sibling.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG game developed by Mihoyo with a Gacha monetization system. Players can use real money to wish for new characters and weapons. Mihoyo released the game back in September of 2020. Since its release, it has gained massive popularity for its smooth gameplay, likeable characters, beautiful open world etc.

It has been 5 months after the games’ release and we got a lot of new content including a new area, lots of events, and new quests to keep players engaged. But one thing we did not get was a completely new mob type. We got some new mob variations in the Dragonspine area but other than that none come to mind.

But we might finally be getting a new enemy in Genshin Impact called Abyss Herald. Some leaks have revealed the new enemy and also some potential questline info regarding Khaenri’ah, the abyss, Dainsleif, and the traveler’s missing sibling.

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Abyss Herald:

lumie_lumie is a popular leaker of Genshin Impact content and has recently shared a new Tweet revealing the Abyss Herald. In the Tweet, we can see a Hydro Abyss Herald standing beside Klee to give us perspective on how tall the new enemy is.

New abyss, Dainsleif, and the traveler’s missing sibling Questline Info:

Genshin_Intel on Twitter also leaked some new info related to a new questline that will show us the relationship between Khaenri’ah, the abyss, Dainsleif, and the traveler’s missing sibling.

Another Twitter leaker AeEntropy revealed the possibility of seeing more enemies from the Abyss Order hierarchy. Apparently, there is another monster called “Electro Abyss Lector” that was added in the 1.32 update. These monsters have IDs assigned to them according to their hierarchy in the Abyss Order.

The Abyss Mages that we all see right now have IDs of 2010x. The Hydro Abyss Herald has 20201 and the new possible Electro Abyss Lector’s ID is 20301.

So thinking about how annoying the Abyss Mages are we can only imagine how their bosses are going to be. But more info on that when it’s revealed.

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