Genshin Impact: February 2021 Starglitter Exchange Characters and Weapons Revealed

Genshin Impacts’ February 2021 Starglitter Exchange characters and weapons have been revealed recently.

There is a special shop in Genshin Impact where players can exchange their unused starglitters for 4* characters and weapons. A lot of players patiently wait for this shop to reset as you can get one of each character and 3 of each weapon.

These shop characters can bring great value as some characters become top tier with the right constellation. When everything is based on RNG, the sure aspect of the starglitter exchange shop has its appeal to players.

But recently as we have already stepped into February, the characters and weapons for February 2021 have been revealed.

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February 2021 Starglitter Exchange shop:

In the February Starglitter Exchange shop, we have characters Beidou and Noelle. You can get only one Beidou or Noelle this month. The shop will reset once again after 1 month on 1 March.

Genshin Impact February shop
Genshin Impact February shop Credit: Genshin Impact

The weapon this month is the Royal set which increases your critical chance if you damage an enemy and can stack up multiple times until a crit hit occurs. All the weapons of this set have the same main stat and weapon bonus. The stats for the Royal Longsword weapon can be seen below.

Royal weapon set stats
Royal weapon set stats Credit: Mihoyo

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