G2 vs Rogue Recap

With Rogue’s first series win against G2, we recap the game and preview tomorrow’s Finals match.

G2 vs Rogue was a very surprising series as the outcome was much different from what people expect. However, the series was not as high-flying and exciting as some people would have anticipated. Sadly, the series was underwhelming in terms of quality and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Let’s address the games and why and how Rogue got their win.

Series Breakdown

So for the series breakdown, we are going to go game by game. Also, we will cover the drafts as drafts have played a huge significance in the outcome of these games.

Game 1:

Let’s start with the draft first. In this draft, G2 got their Seraphine/Senna composition along with a damage threat in Urgot and Olaf. Meanwhile, Rogue went for a more early game comp like the Syndra and Udyr to control the early game and win through snowballing. However, the problem with the draft was that after 20 minutes, it is just really hard to do much against this Seraphine/Senna comp and that is what exactly happened.

Rogue controlled the early game fairly well and then once G2 got to their item breakpoints, the game just turned over its head and Rogue could not approach this G2 comp any longer. This game is one of the example of draft winning games because G2 played to their comp’s strength and just outscaled Rogue’s comp.

Even though G2 won this game, Inspired was clearly out-jungling Jankos and that trend remained the same for the entire series. This game was also the most cleanest game G2 played by far. After this game, everything went downhill for G2 and it was ugly for a lack of better word.

Game 2:

From Game 2 and onwards, all the drafts really left us scratching our heads. We will explain our takeaways later in this article and we will move on to this specific game. Rogue come out with their adaptation of banning the Seraphine and Senna, rightfully so. However, the result of the finals draft for both teams was perplexing.

Rogue drafted a hypercarry adc in Jinx paired with Thresh with an early game duo of Renekton and Nidalee and Lucian is somewhere in the middle. On the other side, G2 picks a pick-comp with Blitzcrank, Jhin, Nocturne, Twisted Fate, and Karma. This is undoubtedly a weird draft on both sides, to say the least. It is just a strange sight to see from two teams that typically draft well. However Rogue comp looked more rounded up with a frontline to peel for the ADCs.

Rogue continued on their early game stratagem, which worked really well last game. Inspired is yet again outplaying Jankos and that gains Rogue a good momentum in game. Initially they were getting a lot of these single target picks off with the Blitzcrank followed up by TF and Nocturne. However, as the game waned on and Rogue got more items, at the 18 minute mark, the fight tilted the game in Rogue’s favor.

After that, Rogue never looked back and were able to close out the game. That game was a lot to do with how Inspired and Hans Sama were able to out-teamfight G2. While at the same time, G2 being on a pick-comp which cannot teamfight properly at all. At this point, it was a recurring theme that the games were being decided on drafts and played out as the drafts dictated. What did not help the situation was G2 playing poorly at the same time as well.

Game 3 and 4:

From this game, the drafts were tilted towards Rogue and G2 were just massively underperforming. In both games, Rogue just simply outplayed G2 every step of the way. However, G2 was under-performing massively and Rogue was winning off of that. For the remaining two games, it just felt like G2 was out of the game mentally while Rogue got momentum and they started doing what they did best. Inspired and Odoamne clearly outplayed their counterparts and it was tough to watch as a viewer.


This was G2’s worst series as far as most fans can remember. They looked completely checked out with Rogue doing whatever they wanted while G2 had nothing to answer back with. It was hard to watch considering how dominant G2 have been. Their fascination for picks like Karma and Jhin this series leaves a lot of question mark considering there were better picks on board. Maybe G2 could have won with more comps suiting the meta but we will never know the answer to that.

We do have to give Rogue some credit for their win but how much would you actually give them considering how bad G2 was. In many cases as well, Rogue did not look good either. A lot of it just felt like a game between 5th seed vs 6th seed than rather 1st seed vs 2nd seed. The quality of the games was poor and this was alarming. Even the drafting on both teams looked suspect apart from Game 1 on the side of G2 and Game 4 on the side of Rogue. It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

G2 has not looked the same and Perkz not being there is possibly a big reason. Inspired and Odoamne completely outplayed Jankos and Wunder. Even Larssen was better in the series than Caps. The only one that was relatively good on G2’s side was Rekkles. It is just hard to watch how a top team in the LEC just gets beaten up like this especially playing as poorly as they did. Rogue was not that impressive either. It’s really hard to gauge Rogue’s strength today given how bad G2 was. However, to reiterate, Rogue won and they should be given credit for at least being better than G2 on this given day. But, this is a bad look for the LEC in general.

Overall, the winner of this series looks to be MAD Lions. They would have seen this series and would feel confident about tomorrow. So far MAD has looked like the best team in the LEC in playoffs and it’s not even close. This is truly a new era in the LEC and a new team is going to MSI from the region.

Rogue vs MAD Lions Preview:

If we were to put in today’s version of Rogue to play MAD tomorrow, MAD should be the favorites. Not only did MAD win against them, MAD knows how to win against them. Rogue’s early game strategy does not deviate much and MAD should still be looking to attack that. Inspired should not have a free reign like he did today and Odoamne should have more of a competition against Armut tomorrow.

MAD will be a tough opponent for Rogue and this should still be a competitive series. In our view, this should be a 3-1 MAD just like last time and hopefully, this will be a more entertaining series. The keys for Rogue to win would be to have better mid-game decisions against a team in MAD who are very good at taking fights. Drafting will also be a key given MAD really likes drafting triple threat comps. The key to winning for MAD would be to play how they have been playing with a better laning phase. If they can do that, MAD should be the better team tomorrow. However, if anything, LEC has been unpredictable so we hope it will be a great series. MAD vs RGE starts tomorrow at 3 pm UTC+0, you don’t want to miss it.

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