G2 roasts Fnatic on their new Logo design

G2 is at it again

Recently Fnatic showed off their new logo on Twitter. G2 as being G2 decided to throw some shade at them for their new logo design for being trash.

Fnatic and G2 have a rivalry that goes a long way back. G2 has always made some shitposting on twitter regarding other Esports ORG. And Fnatic was no exception. As soon as Fnatic showed off their new logo design G2 compared it as trash.

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G2 on twitter

Though it is not meant to be taken too seriously as G2 often does this kind of post to create some traction on social media. G2 and Fnatic always had a rivalry that you can see in the big tournaments. Last year was definitely belong to G2. They dominated in League of Legends like no other team in 2019. Except of course Fun plus phoenix.

This type of banter really creates some funny moments between teams and their fans. Even other Esports ORG decided to join the fun with some popcorn in hands like Rogue. The burn was so good that even Fnatic fans on twitter said that they were not mad.

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G2 is always kind of known for their trash talk to other ORG on twitter. It is all done in good fun though. This type of bickering really brings the community of gamers together. They even made on on SKT last year. Karma really did them last year as they choked on Worlds against fun plus phoenix.


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