G2 Pengu to retire at the next Six Invitational if Siege’s state stays like this

Rainbow Six Siege Pro Player, Pengu stated in his recent twitch stream, “If (the game state) stays like this, my retirement is coming at SI“.

Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen is considered to be one of the best Rainbow Six Siege players in the world, and right now he “would not recommend the game in its current state to anyone“. This is a serious statement coming from a top player in the Rainbow Six esports scene and many might agree with him on this.

With Operation Shadow Legacy, Ubisoft introduced a lot of new features to the game, but sadly many of the old frustrating and game-breaking bugs still remain in the game. Every season launch there are also some new glitches and problems introduced for the users, which might be less annoying for casual players, but can be crucial for Pro players trying their best to win every round of the match.

In a Reddit discussion post about his retirement, Pengu himself confirmed this news with a comment explaining his feelings about the current situation of the game. Check out his statement down below.

“The above is true – I sincerely do not wish to partake in a competitive environment where the game is MASSIVELY flawed, inconsistent/unreliable, and broken.
The amount of rehosts / bugs / GAME/ROUND DECIDING flaws is absurd at the moment, dare I say one of THE worst states Siege has ever been in, as a whole? the balance is a mess, the scopes are a mess, the BUGS are a mess.

I wanted to go to NA and play for an NA team since Raleigh major.
it never worked out due to buyouts so I had to stick it in EU.

Do I wanna go NA right now? No.
I generally feel like playing siege competitively is draining me every single day to the point where it feels empty.

Playing regular siege, ranked/unranked/FPL is barely fun anymore. But the biggest reason as to why that is, is honestly because that every single issue I encounter in those game modes will DIRECTLY impact my career in pro play. I wouldn’t mind playing a half broken game for fun, but playing a broken game to win? to try and be the best? hurts my soul deeply.
Siege in this state is not about who is the best team/player, its honestly about who gets the least amount of client sided bullshit their way. Who gets the no sound hatch drops, no sound thermite charge, dying to elbows around corners & terrible hitreg.

if you get sound bug mid round you can’t rehost, you just gotta play 4v5 till next round, and pro play doesn’t have a pause button so its a default loss.

I wanted to elaborate because I hate seeing people go “oh he’s said he wanted to go NA and never did” YES, I did and I do. BUT it’s not that simple.

“I cry about the game all the time”
Yes! I am not afraid to voice the GLARING issues that the game has in fear of being blacklisted by Ubisoft & potential deals in the future. A LOT of pro players are silent on social media, but VERY vocal in private regarding the state of the game & how they feel.
the difference is I am anything but silent, and I do agree & wish I could just ignore it and “enjoy siege” but it’s been 2 years of disaster where every day I wake up saying tomorrow will be better.”

In July, Pengu stated that he was considering to retire and that was before the launch of this new season. Pengu still has a contract with G2 until SI 2021, so only time will tell if he is going to stay in this scene or go in a different direction.

Now ahead of Stage 2 kick-off of the European League, all teams have to face each other with this connection, sound, and hit-reg issues, which is really unfortunate for all the players and viewers. Hopefully, Ubisoft will be able to turn this around quickly and make the game stable for the long run.

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