G2 makes huge changes with its VALORANT roster by parting ways with Patitek, ardiis and zeek

G2 is partially remaking their VALORANT roster by parting ways with Patitek, ardiis, and the latest addition, zeek.

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After months of mediocre performances and heavy losses in major & minor tournaments, the European titan G2 finally implemented some much-needed changes in their team, leaving only mixwell and pyth from their previous roster and adding nukkye, AvovA, and koldamenta.

In the early days of VALORANT eSports, G2 was considered the de facto favorite of the European scene. With talents like Patitek, mixwell, ardiis, and pyth the team seemed unstoppable. While their individual skills were undeniably superior to many other players, this robust lineup failed to step up in any influential events.  

Initially, G2 won seven Ignition series tournaments in Europe and was crowned as the dominant king. However, it all came to a halt following their loss to Team Heretics in First Strike Europe. The unexpected loss came as a huge setback to the team as nobody considered Team Heretics as the favourite. Before the game, the analysts leaned heavily towards a dominant victory of G2. This came as a reality check to the team and as a response, Davidp was removed from the roster.

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With VCT Stage 3 Masters right around the corner, a roster change of this magnitude might prove to be risky. On the other hand, the newly added players like nukkye, AvovA, and koldamenta are experienced players with quite a few notable titles under their belts. Thus, only time will tell whether G2’s decision will be beneficial to them.

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