G2 Esports benches Davidp from its active VALORANT squad

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: G2 Esports YouTube Channel

David “davidp” Prins confirmed that G2 benched him from their VALORANT roster.

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After finishing the First Strike Europe event with a disappointing result, G2 is finally making roster changes. David has been a crucial part of the organization’s VALORANT wing. The European powerhouse previously won all ignition series events in the region. David’s contribution to the team has been remarkable. 

Aftermath of First Strike Europe

Team Heretics’s triumphant victory in First Strike EU triggered a series of events in the European VALORANT scene. A few weeks ago, FPX unexpectedly dropped Meddo after an abysmal run at the First Strike event. Similarly, Team nolpenki decided to disband after its formation in April of this year. While FPX, G2 & Team Liquid were aiming for the ultimate prize, Team Heretics dominantly secured the title of Europe’s best. 

After receiving confirmation about the roster changes, David explained his side of the story on Twitter.

He stated “The team needs a proper IGL and I respect their choice. I’ve done everything I could to make it work with them. I tried to be the IGL because we didn’t had one and to play all possible agents to suit the team. I have nothing against them at all just to aware people that wanna create dramas or whatever it is, I totally understand their decision and I wish them all the best for the future, I am sure we’ll face each others on the servers really soon.
This has been by far the most difficult and emotional year of my life in a way I cannot describe.”

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With that said, it’s clear that David wasn’t the best fit for G2’s current roster. David concluded his statement by sharing his ambition about the upcoming year. With the intention to continue his VALORANT career, the 26-year-old Belgian will search for options in two major regions, North America & Europe. Even though David is still under contract with G2 Esports, the organization has allowed him to seek opportunities.

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