G2 Caps to Become the First Player in a Major League to Have 100% Kill Participation with 0 Death as ADC

In his first game as ADC G2 Caps became the first player in a major league to have 100% kill participation with 21 or more kills+assists and 0 deaths.

Although G2 Esports being the only team to not make any roster changes, they did make a slight change in their roster putting Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic in the mid lane and Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther in the bot lane. Perkz said that it was Caps’ idea to swap lanes.

And in his first game Caps clearly showed why he wanted to swap lane with Perkz. Against his match, with MAD Lions he had 9 kills, 12 assists with 0 death.

Redditor HiderDK did some analysis form Gamepedia and LOL API and found out that G2 Caps is the first player ever to have 100% kill participation and 0 death as an ADC.

100% Kill Participants as ADC by HiderDK

PlayerTeamOpponentKillsAssistsTeam killsDeathsDateTournament
CapsG2 EsportsMAD Lions9122102020-01-24LEC 2020 Season Spring Season
SneakyCloud 9Apex Gaming8122002016-06-19NA LCS 2016 Season Summer Season
SneakyCloud 9Evil Geniuses7152212014-02-23NA LCS 2014 Season Spring Season
SneakyCloud 9Phoenix11292112017-07-21NA LCS 2017 Season Summer Season
MysticVictory FiveVictory Five13132622019-03-16LPL 2019 Season Spring Season
UziRNGLNG Esports12102222019-08-25LPL 2019 Season Summer Playoffs
WildTurtleFlyQuestEcho Fox1382122017-07-02NA LCS 2017 Season Summer Season
LokenJDGSuning1372022018-04-01LPL 2018 Season Spring Season
ImaqtpieTeam CoastTeam Coast10102022014-04-20NA LCS 2014 Season Spring Playoffs
MrRalleZSK GamingSK Gaming6142032015-07-02EU LCS 2015 Season Summer Season
UziLNG EsportsLNG Esports13112452019-08-25LPL 2019 Season Summer Playoffs
DoubleliftTeam Liquid100 Thieves4162052019-07-07LCS 2019 Summer

Data clearly shows that G2 Caps is definitely going to be a MONSTER ADC throughout the split. The table also shows how significant C9 Sneaky’s career was in C9 and his impact on the C9 roster.

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