FURIA Esports defeat SKADE 2-1 and are the Champions of Elisa Invitational 2021 Summer

In the Grand Final of Elisa Invitational 2021 Summer FURIA Esports face off against SKADE.

Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 is a European tournament where 26 teams battle it out for the $100,000 USD prize pool. The tournament is held online and organized by Elisa Esports. The tournament will be held in 3 stages: The Regional Swiss stage, The Main swiss stage, and the Playoffs. All the matches are Best of 3.

FURIA Esports was one of the two teams who got invited directly to the playoffs whereas SKADE had to participate from the Main Swiss Stage. Skade was the 7th team and barely made it to the playoffs. However, they persevered through the playoffs and now meet FURIA in the finals.

Mapwise stats:

FURIA Esports 19-5 SKADE
FURIA Esports 4-16 SKADE
FURIA Esports 16-2 SKADE

The first map was Overpass which was picked by SKADE. In the first half FURIA pulled off a strong CT side and and had a massive 13-2 advantage. The cards were against SKADE but they pulled off an amazing comeback on the second half equalizing the score the pushing it into overtime. Furia managed to clinch the map in the end.

The second map was Inferno where SAKDE dominated FURIA quickly closing out the map. Mirage was the tiebreaker where FURIA again had a dominating lead. This time, they managed to hold onto to that lead and close out the map as well as the series.

Kaike ‘KSCERATO‘ Cerato from FURIA Esports had the best performance with a +22 K/D and 85.1 ADR.

Thus after defeating SKADE 2-1, FURIA Esports walks away as the champions of Elisa Invitational Summer 2021.

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