FunPlus Phoenix win VCT Champions Stage 2: Masters Copenhagen defeating Paper Rex 3-2

FunPlus Phoenix defeats Paper Rex in the VCT Champions Tour Stage 2: Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals.

The winner of APAC Stage 2 Challengers, Paper Rex, were the stars of Masters Copenhagen as they blazed through the upper bracket getting two clean 2-0 wins and a 2-1. They remained undefeated and were the upper bracket winners.

On the other hand, FunPlus Phoenix had a bumpy start to the tournament, losing their first game right off the bat 0-2 to Fnatic. In the lower brackets, FunPlus Phoenix carved their way back up, defeating Guild Esports and DRX. They also had their revenge against Fnatic. FPX won the Lower bracket finals and now faces PRX in the Grand Finals. This story is about how the underdogs carved their way back up and now threaten to steal the crown from the favorites.

Mapwise Scores


PRX 3-13 FPX


PRX 13-7 FPX


PRX 7-13 FPX


PRX 13-7 FPX


PRX 9-13 FPX

The Grand Finals started off with Bind, where FPX dominated on the attacking side and took the map by a huge margin where ANGE1 and Shao popped off. The second map was Icebox, where PRX managed to gain a decent lead on the attacking side. As the second half began, it was more of an even fight, but PRX managed to clinch the map. Fracture was the third map, and both teams were neck and neck in the first half. But in the second half, FPX dominated the attacking side and took the map. The 4th map was Haven which had a competitive first half, but thanks to Jinggg’s aggressiveness and f0rsakeN’s gunplay, PRX dominated the second half on defense and equalized the scores.

Finally, the 5th and decider map was Breeze. FPX started strong and gained a 3-0 lead but on the buy rounds PRX managed to flip the script and took 5 consecutive rounds. But once FPX captain ANGE1 cracked their plan of playing distant post-plant, they countered it, masterfully ending the first half at 5-7 in favor of FPX. The second half commenced, and this time PRX took the lead but once again, as the FPX captain figured out their plan, he devised a counter-strategy that ended up letting FPX win consecutive rounds and close out the map.

Shao from FPX had the best performance with a +18 along with a 166 ADR.

So this marks the end of VCT Champions Stage 2: Masters Copenhagen, where the previously dominating teams failed even to qualify, giving us an excellent tournament highlighting the underdog teams with colossal potential.

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