FunPlus Phoenix Is 2019 League Of Legends World Champion

Congratulations to FunPlus Phoenix on winning the 2019 World Championship!

FunPlus Phoenix celebrating

With dominance performance in summer split in LPL and playing for the first time in the world championship FunPlus Phoenix is your League of Legends World Champion.

As World Final held on France this year, everyone was hyped that G2 Esports will win the champion at their home soil but FunPlus Phoenix crushed the European dream with a devastating 3-0 win.

All the analyst and fan voting for G2, FunPlus Phoenix have outperformed them to become champion.

Game 1:

FunPlus Phoenix vs G2 game 1

Game 2:

FunPlus Phoenix vs G2 game 2

Game 3:

FunPlus Phoenix vs G2 game 3

Tian FPX junguler absolutely outperformed Jenkos G2 junguler in every fashion and LWX with carry Ad as ever with Doinb doing peel champ repeted the 3-0 legacy of Chines team defeating European team 3-0.

Before G2 trash taking about skt match as their real final, DoinB tweeted what winning the 2019 World Championship Finals would mean to him: “If i am able to win worlds, it is proof that i deserve this, that i am a strong midlaner, and i just want to show this” and he actually made it happed.

Our Man on the series for this World Champion is Tian FPX junguler.

And Again FunPlus Phoenix is your World Champion!

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