French League Streamer Sardoche Got 6 Month ID Ban By Riot

Sardoche is a French language streamer, he is known as French version of Tyler 1. Just like Tyler 1, Sardoche screams a lot, and get mad almost each game he lose. Twitch:

He had a meeting in Riot France HQ and they told him he would now be banned on sight. He would be 5th player ever to be ID banned by Riot. Other 4 are Jensen (as Veigodx), Xj9, T1 and DarkwinJax.

He uploaded a YouTube video regarding his situation.

There are Two main thing that got him banned:

  1. During worlds he was self casting worlds without using the footage (he had 10 k viewers), and riot didn’t like that, and apparently tried to shut down his stream, but it didn’t work.
  2. With all his bad reaction, Riot was scared that he suicide because of league, something that would give a bad image of the game.

More League News:

He is a passionate league player ( even Riot France said that to him ), but his reaction and mentality on stream is a reason why so many of his account got banned and ultimately got him ID banned. He was even banned by Twicth for self harming after crying on stream after losing a GM game.



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