FPX drops Meddo from its active VALORANT roster

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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After a disappointing defeat against SUMN FC in the VALORANT First Strike EU Semifinal, FunPlus Phoenix decided to drop “Meddo” from its active roster. 

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Meddo is primarily a Cypher main; his skill has been of unparalleled importance to FPX’s strategies. Meddo’s contribution to FPX led the team to gain some noteworthy achievements in the last few months. During the Blast Twitch Invitational tournament, FPX managed to secure 2nd place. Besides G2 Esports, FPX is also viewed as one of the most formidable teams in Europe.

The 21-year-old Swedish has also shared a statement on Twitter. Meddo might not be playing for FPX anymore, but he is looking for more options. Roster changes in VALORANT are not unusual. A few hours ago, T1 Korea made some roster adjustments following a very unpleasant run at First Strike Korea.

FPX’s individual player performance in First Strike Europe hasn’t been remarkable by any means. Even though the team managed to reach Semifinal, they ultimately lost to SUMN FC, a team with no organization. According to FPX, it was a mutual agreement, but the exact reason behind Meddo’s departure is currently unknown. On top of that, Meddo responded to such early dispatch by stating that, “I was surprised when i got the news yesterday, but i sincerely wish the boys best of luck in the future.”

fpx valorant drops meddo
Screen grab from twitter/MeddoVal

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VALORANT Champions Tour of 2021 is about to commence in the first quarter of next year. Europe’s VALORANT scene is still in its early phase. With that said, talents like Meddo won’t be sidelined for too long.

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