Forza Street is now available on both Android and iOS

Microsoft’s free racing game Forza street is now available to download for free on both Google Play Store and Apple app store.

Forza Street is a free racing game developed by Electric Square, was initially released for Windows 10 on May 8, 2018. It was originally named as Miami Street, then renamed as Forza on April 15, 2019.

In this game players only control the acceleration and break by pressing and releasing buttons on the touch screen, players can also use nitrous to speed up their cars. The steering is controlled automatically.

Image Via Xbox Game Studios

Players can collect different types of racing cars by winning the races and enrich their collection of iconic racing cars. They can also turn their garage into a trophy case.

Timing in gas, brake, and boost is the key to winning races in the game. Forza Street takes the standard Forza formulas of collection, customization, race, and redesign of the cars. Players can participate in a narrative-driven campaign, weekly Spotlight Events, and limited-time Themed Events. In additional challenges, players can participate in weekly Rivals events and enrich their collection of cars and improve their position in leaderboard against other players.

Forza Street was previously released on Microsoft Windows, but now the game is available to download for free on both Android and IOS. It was released for Mobile Devices on May 5, 2020. Now, players can play the game on their Android and iOS devices at any time and anywhere.

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