Forza Horizon 5 rumored to be set in Mexico

Forza Horizon 5’s grand location is rumored to be set in Mexico. As teased by several industry insiders.

Microsoft’s cream of the crop racing series Forza Horizon, is supposedly getting a new entry. With Forza Horizon 5. Although not officially announced yet. Rumors are already suggesting that Forza Horizon 5’s location is the Central American country Mexico. In fact, instead of FH5, Microsoft teased a new Forza Motorsport last year.

Moreover, apart from the setting, there are heavy rumors about Forza Horizon 5 releasing before Motorsport.

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Windows Central revealed this news on their site, stating trusted sources have confirmed this. Moreover, popular Xbox insider Jez Corden and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb also chimed on this news, teasing a certain racing game based in Mexico.

On the other hand, fans were speculating that the new Forza Horizon game will be set in Japan. Additionally, this rumor had gone around for over a year or so. Therefore, the news of Forza Horizon set in Mexico will divide fans. Nevertheless, both countries will be a suitable location for their beautiful vistas and locales.

However, we still should not take this news as absolute. Considering how reliable all the sources are, it is still hard not to.

E3 2021, is coming soon with Xbox confirmed to participate. Let’s see if they show us a brand new, next-gen Forza Horizon 5, set in Mexico.

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