A Fortnite Youtuber Known For Finding Glitch Makes Cars Fly Just A Few Hours After The Official Release

A Fortnite Youtuber famous for finding glitches in the game has found a way to make cars fly just a few hours after their release.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently in early access right now. So there are bound to be a lot of bugs. And the fact that Epic Games keeps adding more and more new content does not help either. It seems like every new update Epic Games fixes a ton of bugs and glitches. But 10 more pop up to take their place.

With the addition of cars, many people speculated that there will be a ton of bugs and glitches done with cars and They were right.

A Fortnite Youtuber Who makes glitch videos for the game has already found two new glitches with cars.

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How to Duplicate Gas Canisters?

In the first glitch, OrangeGuy shows us how to duplicate gas cans in Fortnite.

In order to do this glitch first, you need a gas can. Then with the gas can in hand repeatedly switch between your pickaxe and your gas can and at the same time spam the pickup button.

If you keep trying soon your whole inventory will be full of gas cans.

How to Make Cars Fly?

After showing us the gas canister glitch OrangeGuy goes and shows us how to make cars fly in Fortnite. In the video, he says this glitch only works on the truck that is on the bridge between Lazy Lake and Retail Row.

In order to make the truck on the bridge fly first, you need a gas can. Then you need to place the gas can on the back of the truck as shown in the video. The position of the gas can needs to be exactly like the video.

Then all you need to do is drive forward and backward and the truck will start to float up in the air.

This is clearly a fun glitch and not intended by OrangeGuy for any malicious use. According to him this glitch is pretty easy to fix. So if you try and it doesnt work then it has probably been patched.

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