Fortnite Youtuber Tabor Hill Hints At New She-Hulk Skin Through His New Riddle Video

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Popular Fortnite Youtuber Tabor Hill released a new video today. In the video, Tabor Hill gave his viewers a riddle that possibly hints at a She-Hulk skin that will be in season 4 of Fortnite.

A lot of new leaks are coming out every day as season 4 of Fortnite is coming up soon. The season is set to release on 27th August. In the new season, we will be seeing Marvel characters making an introduction to Fortnite.

Thor made his way into Fortnite island and Galactus is also on his way. Galactus is a Marvel universe villain that eats planets to gain energy. We might also see a lot of other Marvel skins in the Battle Pass.

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Tabor Hill’s Riddle

Youtuber Tabor Hill recently released a video about Fortnite’s new teaser. At the end of the video, he gave his viewers a riddle. If you manage to solve the riddle then you will know about a skin that will be in the new season 4 Battle Pass.

In the riddle, Tabor Hill mentioned three clues to finding out the riddle. The three clues are, “Back To The Future”, “Attorney”, “Blood”. These clues point towards a Marvel character that will be included as a skin in the new season.

The Riddle Has Apparently Been Solved

A Fortnite leaker named Merl on twitter has apparently solved Tabor Hill’s riddle. In a recent tweet, he explained how the riddle was solved. In the tweet he said,

“She-Hulk will be a Fortnite Season 4 Skin!

Tabor Hill’s Riddle in his New Video;

Back To The Future = has a character named Jennifer (She Hulks name)

Attorney = She was an attorney in the comics

Blood = she became she hulk by the blood transfusion”.

According to Merl, it seems like the riddles are pointing towards She-Hulk being in the new season of Fortnite. This is a leak and we will need to wait and see if this leak by Tabor Hill is indeed true or not.

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