Fortnite Youtuber Tabor Hill Announces 100$ for 100 Llamas

Fortnite Youtuber Tabor Hill announced a 100$ Prize for video evidence showing completion of the Fortnite Punchcard ‘Luck Of The Llama’.

Fortnite Battle Royale has a battle pass system that offers a variety of skins and emotes for completing all 100 tiers of it. Players need to earn XP in order to progress their Battle Pass. There are 100 tiers in the battle pass and a huge amount of XP is needed to reach level 100.

So Epic games decided to help out the players grind a little bit by introducing a new punchcard system this season. Completing these punchcards can award players with 14,000 XP per stage. These small boosts of XP can quickly add up and help the players complete tier 100 for their Eternal Knight skin.

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What is ‘Luck of the Llama’?

Luck of the Llama is a Punchcard in Fortnite battle royale that awards players XP for completion. Players need to find 100 Llamas in order to fully complete the punchcard.

Finding 100 Llamas is not an easy task in Fortnite. The spawn rate of llamas in Fortnite battle royale is very low and the spawn location is also random each game. This is done because they offer a lot of materials and other loot with it. 1-3 llamas spawn in each battle royale match but they usually go unnoticed by players. Finding a llama is a rare occasion in Fortnite.

Tabor Hill Announces 100$

A few days ago a popular Fortnite YouTuber named Tabor Hill asked on Twitter if anybody had already completed the search for all 100 llamas.

On a Later date, he revealed a prize of 100$ for 1 lucky winner among players who can show video evidence of them already done with the 100 llamas challenge.

Here is a video of him explaining how to enter yourself for the 100$ gift-card giveaway.

Finding 100 Llamas with the season not even halfway done is tough. If by any chance you already completed it then you have a chance to win the 100$.

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