Fortnite X Deadmau5 Collab Event, Free Neon Wings Backbling

Fortnite Party Royale X Deadmau5 collab event trailer has just been leaked and it looks awesome.

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Who is Deadmau5?

Joel Thomas Zimmerman more commonly known as Deadmau5 is a famous Canadian Electronic Producer, DJ, Musician. He has received 6 Grammy award nominations for his contributions to music.

Deadmau5 Previous Game Appearances

Deadmau5 has had many appearances in games before. He is a playable character in DJ Hero 2. Goat Simulator also features Deadmau5 as a secret unlockable character. His helmet is also an accessory in Rocket League.

So it’s no wonder he would want to collaborate with Fortnite after the massive success of the Travis Scott Event.

A few days ago we had the Diplo test concert in Fortnite Party Royale mode. Party Royale is a separate island in the Fortnite Universe. On this island, there are no sweaty 90’s no weapons only fun items. Party Royale island is a place to just go with your friends and have some fun.

After the Diplo Test event, a lot of players were hoping for something bigger. And Fortnite is going to deliver on that.

Leakers have just leaked a trailer that shows a Collaboration Concert of some sort between Fortnite and The Famous Canadian rapper DeadMau5.

A popular Fortnite leaker named ShiinaBR shared this trailer today on Twitter.

In this 37 second video, we see a lot of sneak peeks as to what the event might look like. The first few seconds of the trailer shows clips from the Party Royale island where holographic dancers are dancing. Then we get a brief view of the Movie Screen.

We can also see boat racing, Quad bike racing, etc. After that, it advertises live shows on the Big Movie Screen. In the end, the three featured artists are shown.

One of them is Deadmau5 and the other two are Dillon Francis and Steve Aoki.

Event Date & Time

At the very end of the video, we can see the date and time of the live event. It’s going to be on May 8th at 9 PM ET(Eastern Time) and 6 PM PT(Pacific Time).

This tweet says,” Date and Times of the Premier of the MTL Party Royale!!

Fortnite event/concert

DJ’s Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5!”

Then it lists the date 8th May and the time for some regions.

Will we get the Free Neon Wings Backbling?

Possibly yes, we can see in the video at around 23 seconds a Fortnite skin wearing the Neon Wings Backbling.

Fortnite News & Leaks” Tweeted this

There is no doubt Neon Wings is the most anticipated free back bling in the history of Fortnite. So a lot of players are expected to attend the event in order to get them.

Watch The Trailer video on Youtube here

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