Fortnite: Where to Rescue Sapling Baby Groot

In order to unlock Sapling Groot, you need to rescue him first in Fortnite. This location guide will help you find him easily.

If you did not buy any Battle Pass tiers but completed your daily quick challenges, and weekly challenges then you are probably close to unlocking Baby Groot just like me. This guide will help you find Baby Groot without having to search for him all over Holly Hedges.

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Where to Find Sapling Groot?

Sapling Groot can be found in Holly Hedges. In order to find Sapling Groot, you must go to the center of Holly Hedges. The exact location is given in the map below.

Holly Hedges Sapling Groot Location
Credit: Epic Games

After you land in the marked location you will see three potted plants surrounding Sapling Groot. If you have the Baby Groot Awakening challenge unlocked then simply interact with him and Sapling Groot will be unlocked.

Credit: Epic Games

After you interact with him you will see a message pop up indicating that the challenge has been completed. Simply go back to the lobby and you can equip Sapling Groot as back bling.

Fortnite Sapling Groot Unlocked
Credit: Epic games

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