Fortnite: When Are We Getting The “Tart Tycoon” Skin?

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

The question on everyone’s mind right now is, when are we getting the “Tart Tycoon” skin?. The question has apparently been answered.

Epic Games organized a tournament called #FreeFortnite. The tournament is supposed to symbolize Epic Games breaking the monopoly of Apple. The tournament had a lot of different prizes.

Epic Games will give Top scorers in each region a #FreeFortnite hat delivered to their house. Players who can eat the most amount of apple in a single match or overall will be getting gaming hardware. There was also skin as a reward for the tournament. The skin is called “Tart Tycoon”. Players who can get 10 points will be given the skin.

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When Are We Getting The Skin?

According to Firelow on Twitter, everyone will receive the skin in 3 weeks’ time. The sheer number of players that participated is the main reason why Epic cannot immediately give out the skin. Some people will get the skin earlier than others. It should not take more than three weeks for everyone to get the skin. Epic will start giving out the skin in season 4.

Epic might give out the skin immediately after the season 4 update. In Firelow’s tweet, he said, “You will receive this skin in 3 weeks time. This skin will not be released in the item shop. The only way of getting this skin, is by getting 10 points in #FreeFortnite Cup. (If you are from NA-East, you can do so NOW!)”.

Will the skin be in the Item Shop in the Future?

No, the “Tart Tycoon” skin will not be in the item shop. The only way to get the skin is by participating the tournament. You need to get at least 10 points in the tournament to get the skin.

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