Fortnite Update 12.61: All Leaked Cosmetics and Drake Emote

Fortnite 12.61 update is here and the amount of new cosmetics is very low just like the previous update.

Just like the previous update this one also doesn’t bring us tons of new skins and emotes. But the ones that are coming are of high quality. Each new update Epic Games used to provide us with so many new skins and emotes with each new update. But update 12.61 brought for us only one skin and an emote.

But players who are hyped for the Doomsday event have something to look forward to in this update. A skin that has very high significance and might give us clues as to what is going to happen in the event has been leaked. Also, Drake fans can rejoice as there is a new leaked drake emote in the leaks as well.

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‘Cyclo’ Skin Adds New Hints Towards Doomsday Event

Cyclo skin is coming in the latest 12.61 update that dropped today. This skin looks absolutely amazing. This skin has various effects such as moving storm effect in the helmet as well as surging electricity effects coming from the back.

Popular leaker Hypex leaked the Cyclo skin as well as it’s accessories.

The new Cyclo skin could very well be the last piece of the puzzle that can help us figure out more about the Doomsday event. In a leaked loading skin it can be seen that Midas is standing in front of the Cyclo skin. Perhaps he plans to use this Suit in some sort of Project that will lead to the Doomsday event.

This skin is a lot similar in style to the previously released Tempest skin. So it seems like Midas made a custom version of the Tempest skin and he perhaps plans to wear it to harvest the energy of the storm.

Left: New Cyclo Skin VS Right: Tempest Skin

Drake ‘Toosie Slide’ Emote

After the success of the Travis Scott event seems like Fortnite is adding more and more emotes and skins of celebrities. This time leakers found a new Drake emote in the latest patch files.

The emote is called ‘Toosie Slide’ and it features Drake’s actual music in it. So when you emote you can hear the actual Drake song.

We can see how the emote will look like thanks to Hypex.

Fortnite made a lot of Drake fans very happy by adding the Popular American star’s iconic Toosie Slide as an emote as well as including actual Drake music.

There were not many skins and emotes in this update but the addition of a high quality skin as well as Toosie Slide emote is sure to make players very happy.

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