Fortnite Trinity Challenge Tournament: Date and Time, Free Skin, Format, Scoring System, Prize Distribution, and much more

Fortnite recently announced the Trinity Challenge Tournament where players have a chance to earn the Trinity Trooper skin for free.

Last year Fortnite started hosting tournaments with skins as rewards to encourage more people to participate in them. Since then we have had multiple such tournaments and their frequency proves just how successful they are. Seems like Fortnite is bringing another tournament with free skin as a reward for top placing players once again.

Fortnite recently partnered up with Three/WINDTRE and announced a new tournament called the Trinity Challenge. Participating in this tournament is reserved for EU Fortnite players only. The top placing teams in this tournament will get the Trinity Trooper skin for free.

Below are all the details about the Fortnite Trinity Challenge Tournament including the date and time, format, scoring system, prize distribution, and much more.

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Fortnite Trinity Challenge Tournament:

The Fortnite Trinity Challenge Tournament is available for Android, PC, and console. Only EU players will be able to participate in this tournament.

Date and Time:

The Trinity Challenge starts at 2 PM GMT on 14 March and will be in the Compete tab in the EU server region.


The Trinity Challenge Tournament will be played in a trios format and all members of a team must rank in the Open League (Division I, II, or III) or higher within Arena in their respective region before the start of the tournament.

The tournament will last for approximately 3 hours and players will have a chance to participate in a maximum of 10 matches.

At the end of the event period the top scoring teams will earn the Trinity Trooper skin for free.

Scoring System:


Victory Royale: 15 Points
2nd – 3rd: 10 Points
4th – 6th: 7 Points
7th – 10th: 5 Points
11th – 20th: 3 Points
20th – 33rd: 1 Point

Prize Distribution:

The tournament is only available for EU region Fortnite players. Each participant in the trios team will receive the free skin.

Event Prizes – Europe

Rank                    Prize
1st – 3,333rd        “Trinity Trooper” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit (Trinity Trooper (Orange) Variant)
5 Points Earned    “Trinity Impact” and “Trinity Overload” In-Game Cosmetic Sprays

Additional Rules:

  • IOS players cannot participate in this tournament.
  • During the time of the event, only a single player can play on a given game machine.
  • Players can participate in the tournament only once. Using additional Epic accounts to participate multiple times is prohibited.
  • Epic accounts of all participants must be above level 30.
  • Player names cannot be terms such as Fortnite®, Epic, or any other trademark, trade name, or logo owned by or licensed to Epic.
  •  The name used by a team or player cannot be an impersonation of another team, player, streamer, celebrity, government official, Epic employee, or any other person or entity.
  • Each player must have Two-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) turned on his/her Epic account. To turn on 2FA players can visit the official Epic Games website, log in to their Epic account and follow the onscreen instructions.

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