Fortnite Switch Tournament: Date, Format, Scoring System, Free Skin, and much more

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

A new Fortnite Switch Tournament has recently been announced and top placing participants have a chance to get the new Lovely skin for free.

Giving out cosmetic items as tournament rewards is not a new thing in Fortnite. Cash prize tournaments are dominated by pros as they offer a cash prize to only a few. On the other hand, Fortnite tournaments that have cosmetic rewards are more lenient and thousands of participants in each region have a chance to get their hands on new unreleased cosmetic items for free. Which makes these tournaments a great attraction for players of all skill levels.

Following the success of previous tournaments that offered skin bundles as rewards, Epic Games has announced a new tournament called the Fortnite Switch Cup. Below are all the details we know so far about the upcoming Switch Cup in Fortnite.

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Date, Time, and Format:

The tournament will be held on February 3rd and will start at 6 pm Japan time. The event this time will be available on the Asia server region only. The event will pop up under the compete tab if you have the Asia server selected.

The Switch Cup will be a Solo tournament and participants can take part in up to 10 matches within 3 hours.


Top 1000 players will be rewarded the new “Lovely” skin and “Heart Blast” accessory. Players who score at least 8 points in the tournament are eligible for the “I Sits” spray.

Fortnite Switch Tournament rewards
Fortnite Switch Tournament rewards Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Switch Tournament rewards for scoring 8 points
Fortnite Switch Tournament rewards for scoring 8 points Credit: Epic Games

Scoring system:

The scoring system is as follows according to the official blog post-


Victory Royale: 20 points
2nd place: 15 points
3rd place: 13 points
4th-5th place: 10 points
6th-10th place: 8 points
11th-15th place: 7 points
16th-20th place: 6 points
21st place- 25th place: 5 points
26th to 30th place: 4 points
31st to 40th place: 3 points
41st to 50th place: 2 points
51st to 75th place: 1 point

For each elimination: 1 point

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