Fortnite Streamer Oldbuzzardt passes away at 72

Fortnite Streamer Oldbuzzardt passes away at 72 on and his viewers joined his stream to find a heartfelt message displayed by his family.

Oldbuzzardt was a 72-year-old Twitch streamer who loved to play Fortnite on his streams. He had over 80k+ followers on Twitch. Oldbuzzardt was a law enforcement officer for 41 years from 1969 to 2010. He served in the USAF and the Army Reserve. According to his Twitch bio, he had been playing computer games since 1982.

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Oldbuzzardt Passes Away

The 72-year-old streamer was set to stream Fortnite on his Twitch channel this weekend. His viewers joined the stream in hopes of seeing him play Fortnite. Instead, they got a heartfelt message displayed by Oldbuzzardt’s family.

The message read, “It is with heavy heart that we have to inform you that Buzz passed away at home on 10/17/2020. We have left the stream and chat open for you all to gather ad pay your respects. We hope you know how much you all meant to Buzz. He loved playing Fortnite with you all. We want to thank you for making this while thing possible for him. This was and will continue to be such a special place. <3

The mods are in the chat to talk to anyone and offer support. Leave us a comment with your favorite moment, a funny memory of Buzz, or just a kind word.”

Oldbuzzardt passed away on 10/17/2020 in his own home with his family members by his side. We don’t know the reason of the death but it could be due to old age.

Fortnite Streamer passes away
Credit: Oldbuzzardt Twitch

The last time he went live on Twitch was on October 15th. This was the last time we saw Oldbuzzardt live on stream and doing what he loved.

His whole community as well as others are paying their due respect to Oldbuzzardt on his Twitch stream which is still live with the message of his passing. May he rest in peace.

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