Fortnite Spy Within Challenges Include Tons of Free Rewards

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

The new Fortnite Spy Within challenges was added in the 15.10 update and the challenges include tons of free rewards for players.

Fortnite 15.10 update just dropped recently and we got a ton of new content and Winterfest challenges. We have two free skins that we can unlock by completing the Snowdown challenges. Then we have to Black Panther quests that will award the Wakanda Forever emote to players. And last but not least the new Spy Within challenges also have a ton of new rewards for players to unlock.

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Spy Within Rewards:

Players can get a lot of free rewards by completing the Fortnite Spy Within challenges. The rewards include a glider, a skateboard backbling, a music pack, and a wrap. The rewards for completing the Spy Within challenges can be seen below.

Fortnite Spy Within Rewards
Fortnite Spy Within Rewards

Spy Within Challenges:

The Spy Within has four challenges that players can complete. One of the challenges is to complete 5 Spy Within matches ad this will unlock the wrap. The next challenge is to eliminate players in Spy Within and will unlock the music pack. Then we have the complete tasks in Spy Within matches and will rewards players with the glider. Completing all of the previously mentioned challenges will unlock the skateboard backbling for free.

Fortnite Spy Within Challenges
Fortnite Spy Within Challenges

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