Fortnite Small Fry Portal and New Hunter Revealed

Fortnite leakers have finally found some information related to the small fry portal in Fortnite as well as the upcoming new hunter.

Fortnite Season 5 is almost at an end with only a few days left. Fortnite players are eagerly waiting for Season 6 to find out what will happen to the Zero Point. The Zero Point at the center of the Fortnite map has recently become unstable after the 15.50 update.

At the same time, a new portal opened near Hunter’s Haven called “Small Fry”. Up until now, we did not have any additional info about the info or what the next hunter in Fortnite will be.

But some Fortnite leakers recently found pictures and sound files of the “Small Fry” portal. These images and sound files have finally led to the revelation of the next hunter coming to Fortnite.

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Fortnite Small Fry Portal and Next Hunter:

Just recently a Fortnite leaker called SexyNutella_ shared a Tweet revealing the new “Small Fry” portal sound and image. The image of the portal can be seen in his Twitter post’s video background.

He also clarified who the next hunter is going to be. According to the portal sounds and background image, the next hunter in Fortnite is going to be none other than Antman from the Marvel franchise.

Another Fortnite leaker FitzyLeakz revealed a concept of how the Antman skin might look like. This is just a concept and the items in the bundle might not be in the official version.

All the leaks point towards Antman being the last hunter joining Fortnite, but we will still have to wait for an official statement from Epic Games to be 100 percent sure.

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