Fortnite Season 4 Teaser Leak Confirms Marvel Crossover

Fortnite Season 4 teaser leak confirms all our theroy about the new season being Marvel-themed.

Fortnite season 4 is set to start on August 27th. Leakers have already started talking about the new season being Marvel themed. We will soon be getting official teasers from Fortnite. But seems like we got one early by accident.

Teaser Leaked

The source of the teaser leak was Korean eShop on the Nintendo Switch. In the leaked teaser we can see what seems to be the Comic Book version of Thor. The character in the teaser is Thor and this might confirm that Thor will be a battle pass skin for season 4.

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If we look at the bottom part of the teaser we can see the Marvel logo. This confirms all the leaks that we already got about the next season being Marvel themed. Several leakers have confirmed the leak about the next season being Marvel themed.

Thanks to FortTory we got the Fortnite season 4 teaser leak. He also shared video evidence of the teaser’s source of Origin. In the video from BungdaBada, we can see he is opening-up the Korean Nintendo e-shop. He then searches for Fortnite and this leaked teaser image pops up for Fortnite.

We did not get any official confirmation from Epic Games about this leaked teaser. If this teaser is indeed true then we can be almost certain that the next season will have a Thor skin and it will be Marvel-themed.

Hopefully, we get some sort of official teaser from Epic Games as there are less than 7 days remaining for the next season. Until now we only saw leaks and no official teaser from Epic themselves.

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