Fortnite Revenue Hit its Lowest Level since November 2017

The new season might remedy that

Fortnite seems to be behind its glory days in terms of making the groundbreaking amounts of money it used to. A recent report indicates Fortnite’s revenue is lowest than it ever was since late 2017.

Fortnite took the battle royale concept and took a home run with the concept. Even though there were not the first to comes up with the term battle royale, they certainly brought there won twist into the formula.

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Fortnite rose to dominance back in 2017 as the only viable competition to PUBG. After its initial days, Fortnite gathered its own loyal fanbase. Following that Fortnite broke industry records after records in terms of revenue.

As it turns out all good things do come to a standstill. According to a report from Nielsen’s SuperData, it looks like Fortnite isn’t making the same amount of money it used to make anymore.

Fortnite’s biggest strength was its quick updates and making changes to the game at a breakneck pace. So much so that it came to a point where Epic’s employee’s had to bear with the immeasurable amount of crunch to meet demand.

Ever since the new chapter launched player interest isn’t the same as it once was. Many Fortnite fans were underwhelmed as new chapter’s season 1. Although they did remedy some of the complaints with the introduction of the new season that launched recently.

Even if the revenue is dropping right now Fortnite is still at the top of many charts in terms of Live service titles. They really made a benchmark on how to keep alive service audience happy. Epic is still dominating but not at the same pace it was in the last two years since its inception.

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