Fortnite Pros Concerned Over Reduced Competitive Prize Pool in 2021

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Benjyfishy/ Chap/ Wolfiez

The Prize Pools for Fortnite Competitive Season 5 has recently been revealed and pro players are not happy at all. Fortnite pros like benjyfishy, Chap, wolfiez, and Khanada recently took to Twitter to share their frustration at Epic’s decision to reduce the prize pool of Competitive Fortnite.

The Fortnite Competitive scene has been in a state of decline for some time now. In 2020 there were not many big tournaments because of Covid-19 and this made the competitive Fortnite die down a bit. The Fortnite Competitive scene is not perfect in any way but the thing keeping Fortnite competitive afloat was the large prize pools for tournaments. But seems like that’s also getting reduced by Epic going into 2021.

A new competitive season in Fortnite is about to start and Epic Games recently releveled the prize pool of Cash Cups for competitive season 5. Previously the Cash Cups happened every week but this time around Epic decided to make them every alternate week. At the same time, the prize pool of the Cash Cups has also been significantly reduced.

A lot of Fortnite pros were not happy that Epic Games reduced the prize money for competitive Fortnite tournaments. Fortnite pros like Benjyfishy, Wolfiez, Chap, Khanada took to Twitter to share their concerns regarding this matter.

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Fortnite Pros respond to Reduced Prize Pool:

As I mentioned above, Fortnite pros were not happy with the reduced prize pool for the Cash Cup. Some even took to Twitter to share their concern. Among them, Fortnite pro Benjy ‘benjyfishy’ David Fish made multiple threads sharing his concern.

According to Benjyfishy, this Competitive season has the least amount of tournaments and the game also feels the least fun. Benjy’s Tweet reads, “least amount of tournaments we have ever had with the least amount of money, with the game being the least fun as I can remember”.

In an additional Twitter thread, Benjy talked about the lack of daily cups during recent times. He also mentioned that there is no incentive anymore to grind the game with reduced prize pools.

Another Fortnite pro, Khanada slammed Epic on Twitter for reducing the prize pool of 1st place from USD 3k to only 600.

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Wolfiez on the other hand mentioned how the Fortnite prize pool is decreasing over the years and also took a hit at the recently announced Bragging Rights tournament. Winning in this tournament grants players a shoutout from the FortniteCompetitive Twitter account.

But perhaps the best Tweet comes from not a pro but from the official NRG Twitter account. The post compares the state of Fortnite Competitive side by side with two photos of benjyfishy.

Not everyone was slamming Epic and making memes out of this situation. Fortnite pro Nate Hill shared an interesting solution that could bring Fortnite Competitive it’s former glory.

According to Nate Hill, a small percentage of every battle pass should go to the competitive prize pool. This would be similar to the current system that Dota 2 has in place. In Dota 2 a percentage of the battle pass sale goes straight to the competitive prize pool. This is the reason Dota 2 has the highest prize pool compared to any other Esports out there.

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