Fortnite Polar Legends Pack and Frozen Legends Pack Could be Returning Soon

The Polar Legends Pack and the Frozen Legends Pack could be coming back to Fortnite very soon.

The Frozen Legends Pack and the Polar Legends packs are two of the most sought after skin packs in all of Fortnite. The Frozen Legends pack was the first one to be released. It contains frozen styles for some of the more popular skins including Raven, Love Ranger, and the Red Knight. The bundle offers the already existing skin in a different edit style but was still very popular among the Fortnite community.

The Polar Legends pack however overtakes the Frozen Legends pack in popularity. It is much more sought after than the Frozen Legends Pack. It offers a similar frozen edit style to skins like Fishstick, Nog Ops, and the Devourer skin. The Codename Elf skin in the pack has a different style than the rest of the skins in the pack.

These bundles were last released quite some time ago and seem like they are making a return pretty soon.

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Frozen Legends and Polar Legends Packs Returning:

The Polar Legends pack and the Frozen Legends pack are apparently available on the Nintendo Switch right now. This could mean that these packs could be coming to other platforms pretty soon.

According to a renowned Fortnite leaker FNinformation, the packs could be released on all platforms within 24 hours. He shared a tweet saying,

“The Frozen legends pack and polar legends pack are now available on Nintendo switch again, expect them to release on all platforms within the next 24-48hrs”

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