Fortnite Player Shows insane 200 IQ Decoy Play Using Launchpad

A Fortnite player recently showed off an insane 200 IQ play using Decoy-Grenades and Launchpads.

Fortnite Battle Royale starts off with 100 players and players usually have to fight each other in order to secure the Victory Royale. The last player to stay alive is the winner.

Competitive is a totally different story. Competitive Fortnite matches are run via a point table system. Players get different points for eliminations, placements, etc. With huge amounts of money on the line in Fortnite Tournaments, it attracts all the best players around the world.

That means in order to get elims or get high placement players to need to use their game mechanics as well as other tricks. So the competitive scene of Fortnite sees meta changes and the addition of new and different tricks very often.

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A Fortnite Twitch Streamer named Almanza recently discovered a new trick to outsmart even the best Fortnite players.

The trick involves Decoy grenades and a Launch-pad. Decoy grenades create a copy of the player that uses them and the copy moves around giving the impression of a player. The launchpad is used to bounce high in the sky and deploy glider afterward to cover a great distance.

Other players don’t miss any chance to shoot at a gliding player in order to damage them. The gliding player cannot defend against the shots because he cannot build in the air.

The Actual Trick Explained

Almanza shared a clip on his Twitter account recently that shows the high IQ trick in detail. In the clip we see him fighting another player. The other player keeps the pressure on him by constantly shooting at his builds.

So Almanza puts down a launchpad and throws the decoy grenade at the launch pad. This causes the decoy to glide high in the air like an actual player. The other player starts to shoot the decoy thinking it’s Almanza. Then Almanza peeks from his original position and snipes the other player for an easy kill.

This trick and the clip both are very good since it shows exactly how to pull it off. I’ll definitely try this trick the next time I am in a situation like this.

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