Fortnite Player Finds Galactus Under The Map in Replay Mode

A Fortnite player called s4muka10ofc has found Galactus under the map while looking at a game replay.

Fortnite Galactus event has officially been announced for December 1st, 2020. With the event so close, things have already started to unfold in preparation for the event. As we already know, from the beginning of this season Galactus was heading for Fortnite island and the Marvel heroes must team up with Fortnite characters to stop him.

Just a few days ago Galactus was heading towards Fortnite island but he suddenly disappeared. During the 14.60 update, he was added back in.

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Galactus Under Map:

A Fortnite player called s4muka10ofc was recently viewing one of his replay files when he suddenly noticed what seems to be Galactus under the map. He shared the picture online and everyone could see Galactus’s head and helmet horns sticking out from under the Fortnite map.

According to some leaks, we already know that Galactus is slowly going to rise and get big and will be overlooking the entire Fortnite map.

This event is apparently going to be the biggest in the history of Fortnite. According to Donald Mustard who is the Creative Director at Epic Games this event will change the future of Fortnite too.

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