Fortnite Patch 14.20: All Leaked Skins and Cosmetics

Fortnite patch 14.20 dropped recently which means a lot of new skins and cosmetic items were also added to the game files.

After every update, we get tons of new skins and cosmetic items added to the game. Thanks to leakers we get to know about them even before they are in the item shop. This 14.20 update also added a lot of skins and cosmetics items to the game files. Almost all of them have been leaked thanks to the data miners scouring through the game files.

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Fortnite Patch 14.20 Leaked Skins:

Thanks to Fortnite Leaker Lucas7yoshi we can see what the new skins will look like.

Firstly we have a skin set called Courageous Era that has one male and one female skin. The male skin is called Morro and the female skin is called Hyacinth. Both of these skins have two edit styles each. The edit styles look similar to illustrations.

Then we have a vampire hunter called Victoria Saint. She also has two edit styles. One of them is with her hat and the other is without. Lastly, we have Sagan who is rocking an orange and black outfit combination.

Patch 14.20 al leaked skins
Patch 14.20 al leaked skins Credit: Lucas7yoshi

Some skins including the Venturion, Ventura and Abstrakt got new free edit styles.

Patch 14.20 new edit styles for old skins
Patch 14.20 new edit styles for old skins Credit: Lucas7yoshi

Leaked Emotes:

Emotes are an important part of Fortnite. They can be used to express yourself during the battlefield. The emotes that got added in the latest 14.20 update are-

Other Cosmetics Items:

There are also some backblings, gliders, pickaxes that were added in the new 14.20 game files.

Remove Sticker From Hero Skins

A little bonus update that has been added to the hero skins in this 14.20 update. Now you can remove the sticker completely from these skins. A lot of people wanted there to be an option to remove them completely and Epic has listened.

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