Fortnite: New Street Serpent Starter pack for Season 4 Leaked

Fortnite New starter pack for Season 4 has just been leaked.

Fortnite season 4 has just begun. With a number of Marvel heroes as Battle Pass skins and map changes, this season is set to be the best season ever according to some. With every new season, we also get a new starter pack. These starter packs help players get a good value out of the pack.

The pack usually costs $6. The pack comes with a skin and 600 Vbucks. The skin can sometimes also have accessories such as Pickaxes and Backblings. So not only are you getting a skin for less than $10, but you are also getting 600 Vbucks. So for many the starter packs are a must buy.

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Street Serpent Starter Pack

The new starter pack for season 4 has been leaked. The pack is called the Street Serpent starter pack. According to the leaker, the price of the pack will be $4 because of the reduced Vbucks pricing made by Epic a week ago.

The released date of the Fortnite season 4 starter pack is still unknown. The description of the pack reads,

“Street fights and back alley brawls are what you will find with the Street Serpent pack. Includes the following:

Street Serpent Outfit

Chainstick Pack Backbling

Street Blade Pickaxe

600 vbucks”

So that means the pack is even more worth it to buy because the price is lower but you still get the same benefits.

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