Fortnite Lost 60% IOS Player-base, IOS Users Might Have To Wait A Year for Next Fortnite Update

In a Statement made by Epic Games, they stated that Fortnite already lost 60% IOS player base since its ban from IOS devices. They also stated that IOS users might have to wait almost a year to get the next update.


Almost a month ago Epic Games introduced a direct payment method in Apple devices that undercuts the 30% store fee that Epic has to pay Apple. With the addition of this direct method, Epic Games lowered the price of VBucks by 20%. Following this Apple banned Fortnite on more than a billion devices. Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple as a response. During the first hearing, The Court denied Epic’s request to allow Fortnite back on IOS devices.

Since then the court hearings are ongoing between Epic and Apple.

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60% player base left Fortnite

In a statement in the court files Epic stated that more than 60% of IOS users have stopped playing Fortnite since the ban. The players mainly stopped playing the game because they did not receive the new season 4 update. People speculated the number of IOS users leaving would be close to 30% but in reality, the number is double.

Without new content, players are slowly losing interest in Fortnite. IOS players have more bad news as Epic might not be able to provide IOS users updated Fortnite for at least another year if the Court doesn’t allow Fortnite back on the Apple store.

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